Disruptive Technologies and Roadmapping

Practical study on disruptive technologies and Roadmapping

Disruptive technologies and innovations resulting from these have the potential to challenge the existence of established market players or to completely destroy their previous investment. The identification, evaluation  and integration of potentially disruptive technologies thus play an important role for almost all companies. The objective of the practical study on disruptive technologies and Roadmapping is to identify how companies handle potentially disruptive technologies from identification to integration. A special focus area of the survey is put on how potentially disruptive technologies are integrated in roadmaps.

In a nutshell, disruptive technologies are defined as those being able to substitute solutions currently applied in a market and thus destroy previous investments from incumbent companies. We consider that disruptive technologies are a key driver for the development of disruptive products, services, business models or entire solutions. Roadmaps are one of the most common tools for operational and strategic planning in business organisations. However, it is assumed in academia that they are only partly valid for managing disruptions. Therefore, we would like to find out how companies handle potentially disruptive technologies from the identification up to their integration and especially, how these are integrated into roadmaps applied in practice.

The study consists of eight pages and will take approximately 10-15 minutes. Participants will obtain a summary of the results in case contact details are made available. All information provided will be anonymised for the analysis and handled in accordance with the data security guidelines of Fraunhofer IAO.

Thank you very much for your participation!

Dr. Sven Schimpf and Thomas Heihsel


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